Rest Well…

Terry Pratchett

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Finally something fun to post.

I’ve been so focused it seems on the heavier side of this blog that I’ve neglected this light side.

One might argue that I’m probably neglecting my “lighter side” as well (though actually my life, especially where matters of the heart are concerned is going “gangbusterly” awesome right now.) I guess perhaps nothing’s come up that’s been worth sharing right now.

I know once Vintage Base Ball season begins there will probably be some things to share this side. Plus I haven’t done any brewing related things since Christmas either.

But today I found this that resonates with both my Sci-Fi geeky side, and my historical reenactor self. 🙂


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Loving for the children’s sake.

I had planned to keep this side of things light and fun, but I stumbled on something today that needs to be seen by many eyes, by every eye that wants to love and be loved. So I’m posting it here too. I promise fun stuff on here soon.

The Spiritual Blog of Rev. Michael F. Copado.

I hadn’t planned on blogging again today, but something just passed through my facebook timeline that blew me away, and I wanted to share, because I think it’s so important that people understand this…

A Brave Woman Wrote This Epic Letter To Her Ex-Husband’s New Girlfriend;

This is one of the most amazing things I think I have ever read. If more couples, actually Ex-couples could approach each other, and the “new” people in each other’s lives with the grace, dignity and dare I say the “love” that this woman does there would be a lot less bullshit in this world, a lot less baggage out there, and a lot less damaged kids, not learning how to love, and be loved.

Our relationships with others, especially those with children around us is like dropping a pebble into a pool, it ripples outwards and affects and shapes everything that comes…

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first post toas copyAs I said in the introduction to the other blog, to combat “message creep,” I have created this to be a “back page” or a companion to it. And just like that drawer that we all have in our homes (usually in the kitchen) this is sort of a “catch all” place where you’ll find the lighter stuff, the non-spiritual (though when you think about it, it’s all spiritual) things I’m passionate about; homebrewing, beer tasting, movies, vintage base ball, history, food, cooking, art, books, music, old movies, science fiction, zombies (though if you check out my sermons zombies HAVE made an occasional occurrence,) my friends, and anything else that may pass through that feverish brain of mine at any given moment.

So pull up a chair, glasses for the keezer are above, and hang out… You’ll never know what you might find rattling around here.

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